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Full Mouth Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns
 before   after
 Before    After
 Full Mouth Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns
before  after
Before   After
 Full Mouth Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns
 Before     After
Before    After
 Full Mouth Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns
 Before            After
Before    After
 Other Examples of Full Mouth Restorations
 Before   After 
    Pictures are of After treatment 
  Anterior Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns and Porcelain Veneers
Before     After
 Anterior Porcelain Veneers
Before    After 
 Veneers, Bleaching, and Grafts
 This particular case needed a variety of different procedures done to achieve the desired outcome.  The lateral incisors (the teeth next to the two front teeth) were too short and a darker color than the teeth next to them.  Also, the gum ratios were not even.  First, gum gafting was performed to even the height of the gums.  Second, the patient started bleaching their teeth.  And third, the old veneers were replaced with new ones. This patient continues to bleach her teeth to maintain the overall appearance.
Before   After
Previously, these teeth were severely worn down and had large dark silver fillings.      After
  After -- Occlusion View After -- Side View 

 Anterior Implant Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crown 
The left central tooth was lost because of infection.  First, a bone graft was done; then, after six months of healing, an implant was placed.  The patient wore a "flipper" to replace the front tooth while waiting to heal.   After
   Composite Fillings  
   Anterior Composite Filling  
 Anterior Composite Fillings
        Before   After
  Minor Chipped Front Tooth Composite Restoration   
This is an orthodontic bracket with a sealant in the grooves of the tooth.  This makes the tooth like a slippery slide so the germs cannot get into the tooth to decay it.     

This is the first step in doing an implant
restoration.  The gum has healed nicely around the implant. 
The second step in doing an implant is restoring it
with a crown.  Gold is used in this case. 
  More on Implants    
The abutment. This step comes just before the porcelain crowns are placed.   This shows the porcelain crowns in place on the lower arch.   View from above. You can see the wear that our own teeth can receive over time. Implants and crowns provide the restoration needed to have a comfortable, and natural bite.
Before Treatment  After -- Side View  After -- Occlusion View
Before   Healing -- 2 Weeks Later After


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