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Root Canals

Root Canals in Logan, UT - NüSmyle Dental

Saving Teeth from Extraction

Dr. Edwin S. Hurst is a firm believer in conservative dental treatments. He wants to protect teeth from decay, especially decay which affects the internal structures of the tooth. Dr. Hurst has taken additional training in root canal procedures to reverse this decay. NüSmyle Dental performs root canal therapy in Logan and the surrounding Cache Valley communities.

The Need for Root Canals

Teeth are composed of different layers, the innermost of which is the pulp of the tooth, housing the tooth’s blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. If a tooth becomes cracked, damaged, or significantly decayed, the pulp can become infected with bacteria. If the pulp is left untreated and decays, the infected tooth might not be able to be saved and will need to be extracted.

Root canal therapy allows the tooth to be spared from extraction. By removing the infected pulp from the tooth and sealing the internal structure, our Logan dentist can reverse the damage done to the tooth, allowing it to survive indefinitely. You can enjoy an intact smile without having to worry about getting a restoration.  

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Hurst first examines the tooth which has an infected pulp. Through the use of x-rays and other imaging technology, our Logan dentist can determine the health of the tooth’s pulp and choose the best way to conduct your procedure. Teeth which show too much decay or were not effectively treated by a previous root canal may need extraction. Otherwise, the root canal procedure should be able to save the tooth.

During the actual root canal procedure, Dr. Hurst creates a canal by which to remove the infected pulp from the tooth. Once the tooth has been fully cleansed of the infected pulp, the chamber the pulp used to occupy is filled with a sterile, biocompatible sealant that preserves the tooth against further internal decay. Once the sealant is in place, Dr. Hurst places a porcelain crown atop the treated tooth. This crown provides additional support, enabling the tooth to maintain the strength necessary for chewing and speaking.

The end result of a successful root canal procedure is a beautiful, healthy tooth which does not have to be restored at a later time.

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