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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Logan Utah - NüSmyle Dental 

Restoring Smiles to Full Functionality

Edwin Hurst, DDS is passionate about giving his patients healthy, functional smiles. If a patient’s teeth are missing or damaged enough to require extraction, he can help his patients keep their smile by offering permanent, functional restorations. He is one of the most experienced dentists in Utah for placing dental implants, as he has been providing implants for 26 years, and is also one of two practicing dentists in Utah who is an Associate Fellow in the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. NüSmyle Dental provides dental implant placement and restoration to the people of Logan and the surrounding Cache Valley communities.

Same-Day Extraction and Placement

The secret to the success of dental implants is the dental implant post, a rod of titanium that serves as an artificial tooth root. The first step in receiving dental implants is to surgically place the implant post into the jawbone, a procedure which Dr. Hurst provides. Once the implant post is within the jaw, the titanium of the post fuses with the bone matter to create a permanent root to support the rest of the implant. After this integration process is complete, our Logan dentist can add the visible restoration and connective abutment to the implant.

In the case wherein a tooth cannot be saved and the patient knows that they want a dental implant to replace the tooth, Dr. Hurst can extract the tooth and place your dental implant within the same day. The smile is preserved without even knowing that work has been done. This allows you to preserve your new smile and helps prevent the bone degradation associated with lost teeth.

Restoring Your Implants

Dental implant restorations serve as both the chewing surface and the visible teeth in your smile. As such, the aesthetic quality of the teeth should be as high in quality as their strength and durability would need to be. To meet both these needs, our Logan dentist uses restorations made out of porcelain with the dental implants he places. Not only is porcelain strong enough to withstand the daily stress of chewing and speaking, but porcelain’s white color and translucent sheen make this material a close match in appearance to natural healthy teeth.

Depending upon how many implants posts you have placed and the number of teeth which need replacement, Dr. Hurst can use different types of restorations for your dental implants. Porcelain crowns work for replacing a single tooth and rest atop a single implant. Porcelain fixed bridges can utilize two or more implants to replace a continuous set of missing teeth. If your smile requires more extensive reconstruction, then a full or partial denture can be made to be used with dental implants. In all cases, Dr. Hurst can use dental implant restorations to provide full mouth reconstructions to his patients.

Call Us for Dental Implants

NüSmyle Dental places and restores dental implants in Logan, and serves the implant needs of the surrounding Cache Valley communities as well. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call the office of Dr. Hurst today!


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